How we can help you

We help by using our experience and resources to look after your property and commercial legal requirements where we can. We will tell you if have insufficient appropriate expertise to help you and, when possible, refer you to others who have appropriate skills.

We help by carefully appraising your legal requirements and then showing you clearly and logically what action you could consider, implementing your instructions once you have made your decisions.

We won’t bore you with assumed wisdom or bamboozle you with hasty answers, jargon or legal gobbledegook.

In respect of business clients, we have helped retailers, restaurateurs, designers and architects, hoteliers and publicans, printers, publishers, property developers, builders and tradespeople, entertainers and artists, accountants, solicitors, surveyors, travel, estate and recruitment agents, nursing homes, H R and P R consultants, wholesalers, charities and many other small and medium sized businesses.

We aim to be on top of your work all of the time and will will send you regular progress reports and copy you in on significant correspondence without the need for you to chase us. We will telephone you (or email or text you, if preferred) as soon as anything urgent or important happens in any work we are engaged in for you.

For genuinely urgent matters, we are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We even help in small ways – you don’t need to hunt for a stamp to send post to us: we send Business Reply envelopes to clients for the return of signed papers, etc – and even without those they are welcome to use our Freepost address:

Bell House
Bells Lane
TN30 6ES

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