A ramble round the follies

This post is nothing to do with the law – if that is what you are looking for, try another post, please. This is instead about a planned walk (approximately 4.5 miles – 7 kilometres – mainly along footpaths and C roads, but also using a bridle path and a stretch of a B road)  in Brightling, East Sussex, to view the various follies, etc, of Mad Jack Fuller – and to have a...
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Sir Terry Farrell’s “Vision for Tenterden”

I attended Sir Terry Farrell’s illustrated talk on Friday 6 January 2012, as arranged by Tenterden & District Residents’ Association. Though of no real legal significance, I thought it worth a blog post, as a lot of interesting thoughts were presented. I was slightly wrong-footed at the outset: though originally entitled “A Vision for Tenterden”, the opening slide had the title “Visioning...
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A lovely lunch – and a race to the finish!

The Tenterden Pudding Club – a monthly lunch meeting for lawyers, estate agents, accountants, etc, in Tenterden – had its pre-Christmas lunch today. We were well-hosted by Juliet Porter at the Swan Village Inn in Sandhurst – absolutely top quality “pub grub”, making a good change from “turkey with all the trimmings” that is so ubiquitous this time of...
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There’s old-fashioned good service – and there’s being out-of-date

Conveyancers are constantly encouraged these days to get with modern technology and social media: to hear some “experts” talk, a firm that does not have an online updating service so that its clients can check on progress, or that does not have a high profile on Twitter, is doomed to failure. Not true, I think: the recent Peppermint survey indicates that so-called old-fashioned...
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We are lawyers, not magicians

Some clients think that telling their lawyer to do something is the same as it being done Sometimes, this is mere bullying. Perhaps the client has watched too many Hollywood films, and thinks shouting at subordinates is the way to motivate them – “I want [this impossible thing] done by close of business or you are fired!” In those cases, all I can say is, “Good...
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Disclaimers – one of my pet hates

By “disclaimers”, I am actually referring to a very small sub-set: those on fax messages and now – more and more – on emails, which get longer and longer, and are directed at those who receive the message in error. I was never really sure why the advent of the fax meant it was important to put this sort of disclaimer on messages. After all, snail mail gets miss-delivered,...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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