Making your Will is important

Making a Will (and then keeping it up to date) is important for every adult, however much or little they may own: you cannot assume that, without a Will, your property will be distributed as you want and, at the very least, appointing someone as executor means there can be no arguments or upsets over who is legally responsible for handling funeral arrangements and winding up your estate

If you own more than a little in the way of property or other assets, making a Will is particularly important and, if you are in a life relationship other than a marriage or a civil partnership then the consequences of dying without a Will can be devastating for your partner

Here are three really useful things for you to do today

  1. download our PDF Making a new Will which should convince you of the need to make a Will and reassure you that it is not difficult or horribly expensive, and which identifies various aspects to consider when making a Will;
  2. read them; and
  3. contact us to instruct us to prepare your Will for you –

Tel: 01580 767117 or email justin@nelsonslegal.co.uk

What do Wills cost?

An individual straightforward Will or straightforward Wills for a married couple/civil partnership: about £375 + VAT = £450

More complicated Wills (for instance, those involving the creation of trusts or tax-saving schemes) tend to cost more, but we will warn you if, in your case, these indications are likely to be exceeded.

In addition, there may be out-of-pocket expenses, but these are rare, and we will warn you in advance of them. The main possibilities are Land Registry fees (if ownership of a property has to be checked or adjusted), Companies Registry fees (if shares in a private company are to be left by Will), etc

For “Love Tenterden” cardholders – Wills within a week

We will draft reasonably straightforward Wills for scheme cardholder individuals or married couples/civil partners within a week of an initial meeting.

If they are approved and signed by the cardholders within a further week, the cardholders will be eligible to a 5% discount off the bill: typically reducing the bill to £427.50

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