Setting up home together?

At any stage of life, if you are setting up home with someone else, it is important to get it right, but perhaps especially if you already have existing families of your own. It is more and more common for people to start again with new life partners, and understandable if – in the light of their previous experience – they decide marriage is not for them. As a result, there are many...
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List your local

Until now, listing your local pub as an Asset of Community Value meant only that the community had the opportunity to buy the pub if it came up for sale and if the community could raise the funds. This was of limited value: not only is there the problem of having to raise the funds, but in a small town with four pubs it would be unfair on the others to turn any one into a community pub. Things...
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Who’d be a landlord?

A new Court of Appeal decision (in the case of Edwards -v- Kumarasamy) imposes extra repairing and maintenance obligations on landlords of residential properties – and on their agents. This case has decided that – Landlords’ legal obligations to keep the ‘structure and exterior’ of rented properties in good repair as imposed by section 11 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, ...
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Powers of attorney – “Enduring” or “Lasting”?

From 01 October 2007, it has not been possible to make new Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs), as they have been superseded by Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs).  However, EPAs already in existence before 01 October 2007 are still legally valid – though some banks seem to struggle with this concept, thinking only LPAs can be valid now: referring them to the website of the Office of the Public...
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“Good drafting more important than SRA rules, say clients”

According to Legal Futures – Consumers and businesses believe that drafting “legally accurate and effective” documents is a more important quality of a competent solicitor than following professional rules, a major study has found. The study, carried out by consultants BMG Research for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), involved 503 individual consumers, 204 businesses and 1,070...
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Joint ownership – what kind of joint owner are you?

Joint ownership of property continues to be the most popular subject for people who phone “out of the blue” with questions. The enquiries come from all over the country – last Monday, it was an enquirer from Dorset; on Friday, from the Wirral. My original post on the subject is here: joint ownership I wrote a couple of follow-up posts: one and two The latest question to crop up...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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