Our Guarantee

The guarantee

We offer our clients a money-back guarantee. If you do not think we have achieved the standard of service we guarantee below, you do not need to pay our bill. Instead, you are welcome only to pay us what you think our work was worth.

The conditions

The only conditions we put on this are:

  • You must accept that we cannot guarantee a particular outcome for you. We can only guarantee what is within our control, as set out below.
  • You must tell us at the time where and how you feel we have fallen short of the standards we set for ourselves.
  • The guarantee only affects our fees, not any out-of-pocket expenses we incur on your behalf.

Our standards

The standards we set for ourselves are:

  1. We will be careful and thorough in our work
  2. We will meet agreed deadlines and offer a fast turnaround when requested
  3. We will keep our communications clear and free of jargon
  4. We will listen carefully to what you have to say
  5. We will keep you sufficiently informed of progress
  6. We will tell you in advance what we are going to do
  7. We will give good explanations of what we have done and why
  8. We will not exceed any estimated fees without warning you
  9. We will only do (and charge you for) work that is genuinely necessary
  10. We will involve you at major points in the engagement
  11. We will not wait for you to initiate everything – we will anticipate
  12. We will respond to all telephone calls within one working day – normally the same day
  13. We will respond to all letters within three working days
  14. We will not be arrogant, pompous or aggressive
  15. We will value the work you give us

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