What We Charge

Our charging structure is as transparent as possible.

It is not often easy for any lawyer to know how much their charges will be before a job commences but we will always provide a clear written estimate so that you can budget with the most accurate information.

We will let you know before exceeding the estimate.

We charge all of our clients the same way – whatever the outcome of their work, there is no extra mark-up.

We invest in new technology to speed up our work, so that you can rest assured that every minute is used effectively.

Working this way, we can pay full personal attention to your work without passing it to clerks or trainees and assuring you the best advice and outcome.

We do not believe that any other lawyers offer greater clarity or better value for money.

A list of our current normal estimated charges for different transactions, etc, is here.

We are always happy to discuss fixed prices for work that can be quantified in advance.

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