"Before you go, could you just …?"

I am away on holiday next week. Madeira, since you ask; yes, I hear it is quite pleasant, though I have not been beforeAnyway, I made the mistake of telling my clients, and all day I have taken calls along the lines of, “Oh, you remember that draft Will/shareholders’ agreement/ lease/whatever that you sent us six (or more weeks ago? Well, we haven’t actually looked at it but...
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Do lawyers milk it?

“An exact legal opinion on a claim could vary, depending on how expensive your lawyer is” – I read this recently (cannot now remember where) and thought, “How true!” Whatever the merits of a case, there will always be a lawyer willing to argue it – for a fee, of course.In a number of cases, this seems to be just to make money or because the client insists. Two...
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Right to (car) Repair Choice campaign

Keith Robles, a member of Wealden Business Group gave a presentation today at the group’s breakfast networking meeting. Keith buys and sells used cars, but also is involved with a local independent garage on the servicing and repairs side (as well as sales). His presentation was about the “Right to Repair Choice” campaignVery briefly, at present the European Union obliges motor...
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Government trickery

Typical, isn’t it? My daughter is at university. In applying for grants and loans last year, my relevant income was for the financial year 2007-08, so no grant for her. This year, after the credit crunch and while enduring its consequences (ie: a reasonable profit becomes a small loss), my relevant income is still for for the financial year 2007-08, so still no grant for her.What’s...
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Plenty of stick – no carrot

Apparently, “The Legal Services Board could punish non-compliant regulators with multi-million-pound fines ” – see http://tinyurl.com/nwsa6aAnd how will the regulators pay those fines? By charging them out to those they regulateThe net result will be (a) over-cautious regulation resulting in a massive increase in red tape for lawyers to comply with (b) an over-cautious approach...
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Donating blood

I have been donating blood for 25 years now – two or three times a year, as they normally only take a donation at least 16 weeks after the previous one.The National Blood Service has, it seems, decided to reward “frequent flyers”, as I have received a letter, congratulating me on giving blood 3 times in 12 months (not the first time, but the first time it has been commented...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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