Why use Nelsons?

We are –

friendly and helpful

Lawyering is, of course, a serious business, but there is no reason why we cannot enjoy it and be friendly and helpful to our clients in the process. We recognise that instructing a lawyer is usually a distress purchase to a greater or lesser extent, and that approaching a lawyer can be daunting. We do all we can to be as friendly and helpful as possible – we value our clients’ work and genuinely want to help in any way we can


Part of this friendliness is approachability. While you may not be able to see a lawyer if you just “pop in”, as they have commitments to other clients and need to manage their time effectively, you will be very welcome to phone, email or pop in and make an appointment for a meeting

However, to prove identity at the start of a matter, there is no need to make an appointment: just call in during office hours with your photo ID (passport, photo-card driving licence, etc) for copying – you can then soon be on your way again and we will get on with the ID and anti-money laundering checks we are required by law to carry out.

We have ground floor meeting rooms and wheelchair access, so visiting us need not be difficult!

clarity and simplicity

as with Occam’s Razor, the simplest solutions are usually the best: we try to avoid unnecessary paperwork and, as a founder member of Clarity, Justin is a great believer in the use of plain language

and we offer a


We offer our clients a guarantee – if you instruct us and are not happy with any aspect of our work, please do tell us: we want to improve wherever and however we can, and client feedback is a very valuable way of doing that – and if we fail, the dog ticks us off!

Mousse, the office dog/mascot at Nelsons


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