Special offers

Conditions applying to our special offers:

Sorry, but we do need to have some “small print” to qualify our special offers – we are lawyers, after all!

The main rule: No more than one special offer can be claimed at a time

All discounts are discounts off our own fees only; they do not apply to money we pay out for clients, such as search fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax, registration fees, etc

To clarify some of the terms we use in our special offers:

  • “First time buyers” are buyers of properties who have never owned an interest in any house or flat before
  • “Mirror Wills” are Wills made by a married couple or civil partnership in broadly identical terms (subject to obvious changes to names, etc)
  • You instruct us when you return a completed “authority to act” form (and provide proof of ID, if needed)
  • You “make an appointment” by a deadline if you arrange it by then, even if we have to fix it on a date after the deadline because of our own availability

Our special offers:

Summer offers – 2011


For “Love Tenterden” cardholders – Wills within a week (plus discounted fees)

We will draft reasonably straightforward Wills for scheme cardholder individuals or married couples/civil partners within a week of an initial meeting. If they are approved and signed by the cardholders within a further week, the cardholders will be eligible to a 5% discount off the bill: £230 (instead of £250) for an individual Will; £330 (instead of £350) for a couple’s Wills, including VAT

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