This is the basis on which we offer the information on this site.

On this site, we have tried to give useful information about various areas of law in a readily accessible format. We have taken care to try to make the information complete and accurate, and will update and expand the information as other time pressures allow. Please bear in mind that short general notes cannot possibly be an adequate substitute for one-to-one legal advice that takes into account the particular circumstances of a particular case.

Feel free to use the information on this site as an introduction to, or overview of, the particular areas of law, but not as a comprehensive, accurate or up-to-date run down of the law as it relates to your circumstances. Please realise in particular that we do not accept responsibility for any loss that may be suffered as a result of the information on this site: if you want advice you can absolutely rely on, you should obtain (and pay for) specific advice, either from us or from another lawyer.

Further, the information on this site relates only to the law in England and Wales at the time the information was prepared. The law in other jurisdictions will be different and, as the law can change rapidly, you should check the up to date position before taking action based on information on this site.

That said, we hope the information on this site will be useful and interesting. Please let us know if you spot any errors or omissions, or if you have suggestions for other legal information to add

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