A change of direction for Nelsons

From the beginning of January 2014, we will be concentrating on the following areas of work:
•    drafting, analysing and advising on commercial leases
•    commercial transactions not involving the sale or purchase of property
•    company work, including acquisitions and disposals
•    drafting terms and conditions of business
•    residential tenancy advice work
•    preparation of Wills and lasting powers of attorney
•    winding up estates
•    general legal advice and “signposting” to other specialists

We are no longer handling property sales, purchases and mortgages.  We will be practising simply as lawyers – rather than as solicitors with all the extra regulations and overheads that involves.  We are slimming down.

The main cause is the ever-increasing cost, now un-affordability, of on-going indemnity insurance cover for a tiny practice like ours with a high level of property work. Over the past few years, the premiums have been increasing by leaps and bounds – from £40,000 three years ago to £110,000 now – and this has become unsustainable.  We have considered numerous alternatives, but always ran into the same problem of overly expensive or impossible insurance.

As I result, I have decided to cease to practise as a solicitor – though I will continue as a lawyer, using my legal skills in the areas of work listed above, through Nelsons Legal Limited: the address, phone and fax numbers, email addresses and website address are unchanged.

If you have any questions, please do contact us – we are still here, providing our usual friendly and efficient help, but in as inexpensive but efficient way as possible without the cost and red tape of regulations.  We hope that will suit our existing and future clients



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