Heard the one about the publican, the pubco rep and the punter …

… who walked into a bar? Well, in this case, a series of micro-pubs?  You had to be there to enjoy it fully. I was the punter who, in the company of a publican and a manager from a pubco, decided to embark on a tour of east Kent’s micro-pubs, before there are too many: it took us two days to get around, but more are planned. Contemporaneous notes I sent Facebook updates from (nearly)...
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What’s wrong with pubs?

The actual question: As the “Pubs Officer” for the local branch of CAMRA I received this email from a university student – From: XXX Sent: 06 March 2013 11:25 To: pubs@camra-afrm.org.uk Subject: Story on pubs vs supermarkets Hi Justin, My name’s xxx. I’m at XXX University. I’m doing a...
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The power of a brand … it’s yours already

The British pub already has the power of a brand – a brand built up over centuries It is a versatile, strong brand, and one that should be built on – not wasted It is wasted by every surly publican who cannot be bothered to provide good service to his or her customers: who almost objects to their presence, even though they are the source of income It is built on by every publican who...
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A beer haiku

Harveys Best bitter Springtime’s greatest refreshment – Gone all too quickly Comments
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Making a rod for your own back

Pursuing a service standard of “Excellent” is definitely a case of making a rod for your own backIn my business, I strive for a truly excellent standard of service and, inevitably, I do not always achieve it. When I fail, I feel mortified, but (illogically) I also slightly resent it when clients point out how I have failed to achieve the standard I try to set – I feel unfairly...
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A follow-up for the Hoodeners Horse

A follow-up post for the Hoodeners Horse is here Comments
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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