New conveyancing protocol

According to Clutton Cox, they were one of only 12 firms to respond to the consultation by the Law Society on its new conveyancing protocol: I also responded, that means only 10 others throughout the country did – what a disappointmentWhat is also disappointing is that the Law Society has not included in the scheme a requirement for member firms to (for instance)...
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I try to avoid wearing a business suit for work – I am more comfortable in sports jacket and trousers, and I think clients and potential clients are more comfortable not dealing with “a suit”Last week, however, I had to wear a suit on three of the five weeekdays – once for a funeral, once for a meeting at another solicitor’s office and once to attend an auction on...
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"The anonymous uniform of the professionally uninterested"

That phrase caught my eye when I read it during the past week. I think it was in reference to (for example) bank employees in uniform who don’t really care about customers, only about achieving their targetsYet I think it applies more to professionals who assume that a suit is required uniform – without necessarily looking at it from their clients’ point of viewFor myself, I...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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