What’s in a Twitter name?

When I started on Twitter, as I explained here, it was to keep in touch with my children while they were abroad. However, I had in mind that it would also be a useful way to promote this blog, so I chose a Twitter name that tied in with this blog’s name – as to the “rationale” behind the blog’s name, see here . “Abaddon” was already taken as a Twitter name so, as Abaddon was the angel of the...
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What’s in a (Twitter) name?

I was going to blog about why I have changed my Twitter name recently, but as I seem to have broken Twitter by changing too much, I had better wait until it is fixed!I will re-visit this subject soon, I hope!Meanwhile, I seem to have locked myself out of receiving Tweets, so I will see if I can at least send one to explain my lack of conversation
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Why use Twitter?

Speaking only for myself: I started using Twitter as an easy way for my children to keep me reassured as to their safety while they were abroad – Emily in Colorado at university and Alex in Australia and Thailand on a gap breakIt grew from that to an easy way to make contact with local Twitts and to stay in touch with them (especially through the Tweet-ups) – also as a way of picking...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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