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  1. Angus Willson
    January 23, 2011

    This raises an interesting issue on the extent to which social media mixes the professional and the personal. To a certain extent, I think a twitter stream reveals the authentic and three-dimensional nature of a person so a range of subject matters can be interesting. I agree that a balance between work and play, appearing ’rounded’ and ‘approachable’, is part of the service.

    I suppose there is the risk of tweets not matching one’s own expectations or seeming ‘tacky’. For example, I unfollowed one person, who I had met in person, for tweeting a racist ‘joke’. And I let them know why.

    The recent tweets appearing on the website does allow them to appear out of context. I suppose the f2f analogy is walking in on a conversation. However, I do look at the timeline before deciding to follow or block someone new.

    The GTC professional code of conduct has a clause expecting high standards of behaviour inside and outside work, which obviously includes social networking, so there is no point in having an alternative twitter account (or using FaceBook) for indiscretions! Statements that people are tweeting/blogging in a personal capacity and not for their organisation suggest they are on a tricky path if they refer to their work at all.

    On balance, we are all still learning how to use these new forms of communication effectively and it’s unsurprising that we stumble across some unintended consequences.


    • Justin
      January 24, 2011

      Thanks for this comment, Angus. Contrary to my own reply to Cathy, above, I (now) think the dilemna is not so much whether one should Tweet about all (or nearly all) aspects of one’s life, but whether the latest Tweets should be prominently displayed to website visitors who reach the website by a route other than Twitter.

      Someone who Googles “commercial solicitor” might be put off by seeing Tweets about winning or losing a pub quiz. Someone who follows my Tweets and visits the site as a result will probably not – but wouldn’t need to see the Tweets on the website anyway

      All comments welcome before I make any changes!


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