NEW COMMERCIAL LEASES – some fundamental principles to consider

All the terms in a new commercial lease are usually negotiable and, therefore, flexible.  However, the extent to which any terms are negotiable depends on various factors:  the background of competition, market forces, the particular circumstances each landlord and tenant and the financial standing of the tenant.  Ultimately, just as in any other market sector, it is supply and demand that...
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Non-reasons for the change of direction

Since my previous blog on our change of direction, several people have suggested that I should make it clear that the change of direction is not due to any other factors except the sheer unaffordability of professional indemnity insurance (PII) cover: the premium I was expected to pay was £110,000 which, on a turnover of £250,000, was simply unaffordable. The whole PII system seems crazy: while...
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A change of direction for Nelsons

From the beginning of January 2014, we will be concentrating on the following areas of work: •    drafting, analysing and advising on commercial leases •    commercial transactions not involving the sale or purchase of property •    company work, including acquisitions and disposals •    drafting terms and conditions of business •    residential tenancy advice work •    preparation of Wills and...
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Praise where it’s due

I don’t have much time for most of the Law Society’s schemes, especially the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (by which the Law Society shot its members in the feet) and suchlike. However, praise where it is due: today, the Law Society released a set of standard leasehold property enquiries, designed to be sent to the landlord or managing agent in connection with the sale of a leasehold...
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Special rules for Conservation Areas

In an earlier blogpost on planning permissions (and Building Regulations), I commented that special rules apply to Listed Buildings and properties in Conservation Areas. Conservation Areas A Conservation Area is an area of ‘special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance’.  When a Conservation Area is designated,...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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