Praise where it’s due

I don’t have much time for most of the Law Society’s schemes, especially the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (by which the Law Society shot its members in the feet) and suchlike.

However, praise where it is due: today, the Law Society released a set of standard leasehold property enquiries, designed to be sent to the landlord or managing agent in connection with the sale of a leasehold property. They are intended to find out about the management of the property, payment of rent and service charge, and the formalities to be complied with when there is a change of ownership – each lease is different, and background circumstances vary, so this information can vary hugely from one transaction to another.

The form is well-designed: comprehensive and well laid out, while being “only” 7 pages long.

The main benefit though, is if this form is widely adopted, managing agents will get used to completing it and conveyancers will get used to reading it, speeding up the conveyancing process and reducing the possibility of oversights and slip-ups.

Well done, Law Society!

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