Abaddon’s Musings blog – what’s it about?

Though this started out as my blog for legal comments along with a few personal thoughts, the balance has now shifted, so that it is much more a personal view of a range of topics, certainly not just legal ones. This is because the Nelsons’ Column blog is to become the voice of the legal practice that is Nelsons, freeing up Abaddon’s Musings to be my own arena

Why “Abaddon”? Abaddon is/was the angel of the bottomless pit. I often feel I am treated as a bottomless pit – of money by my children, and of instant advice and magic solutions by my clients (and of free advice from potential clients, sometimes). Also, I am an unreconstructed Emerson Lake & Palmer fan, and still occasionally enjoy listening on high volume through headphones to Abaddon’s Bolero!

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