The end of civilisation …

… as I know it

What a depressing visit to Waitrose, Tenterden, this evening: not a single bottle-conditioned beer on the shelves.

The stocks of Brakspear Triple had been steadily diminishing over the last few days, but I expected them to be topped up – wrong! Looking for an alternative, it was disappointing to see that neither Hopdaemon Skrimshander or Hog’s Back TEA is bottle-conditioned any more.

There seems to be a retreat from bottle-conditioned beer in supermarkets – most disappointingly when Waitrose in Tenterden stopped stocking Fuller’s 1845 a few months ago. I do not (yet) know whether this is a decision by the supermarkets – why would stocking b-c beer be a problem for them? – or the breweries – who should, surely, be promoting the real thing? – but I intend to try to find out

If you have any insight, please share it in the comments section – thanks!

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