Dumped by the Abbey – further thoughts

I have today heard from another (fairly local) solicitor who has been dumped by the Abbey from its conveyancing panel

This is particularly harsh for him and his clients, as he has 4 cases going through at present, and suddenly the Abbey is disrupting everything and causing chaos and extra expense. This does not surprise me – the Abbey just does not seem to care – but it has firmed up my decision to protest: I don’t think the Abbey will change its mind, but at least I can give them a piece of my mind!

They do have impeccable timing: just when the country is totally disgusted at big financial institutions behaving selfishly, so the Abbey (part of the Santander group) is throwing its weight around, causing inconvenience and extra cost to its customers and doing its best to damage local businesses. It seems to be yet another example of a big organisation concentrating on process for its own benefit, rather then on consumer benefit – and that is putting the best interpretation on things

No doubt more to follow …

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