Clients slow me down

For the first time in ages, if not ever, I have a client (a publican at that) who has not sabotaged the start of his own transaction by not supplying paperwork, etc, and so slowing me down

The pub has been on the market for the best part of a year, but in readiness for finding a buyer, my client sent me the lease, the premises licence, the certificates and reports, asbestos survey, etc, so that I had everything ready to go

As a result, when the agent’s letter arrived today to tell me the details of the sale, I was able to prepare a draft contract and get it sent off with copies of almost all the required documents the same day – I am only waiting for details of employees, details of how the price should be apportioned and the inventory (which the agents will prepare anyway)

However, I expect the buyer’s solicitors will slow the whole thing down by sitting on the paperwork for a few weeks! ;-(


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