And now for some GOOD news

Amidst all the doom and gloom for most pubs – especially pubco and brewery owned leasehold pubs – these days, it was good to hear some good news over the past few days for a change –

  • Debs and Marcus at the William Caxton in Tenterden are off to a flying start to the year, with the regular weekly quiz – Wednesday evenings, if you want a go – and the Folk Club, and will be serving food from 1 March
  • Colin Gould, who had re-opened the William Caxton as manager for Shepherd Neame, has now taken over at the Fat Ox in St Michaels, again as manager for Shepherd Neame: nice to see that pub open again
  • I had a great lunch (again!) at the Hoodeners Horse in Great Chart on Friday – great fajitas! – and was pleased to hear that Andy, the licernsee, is going from strength to strength there. He will be organizing frequent mini beer festivals with his pubco landlord’s cooperation. It goes to show that, with the right business mind and attitude, even having a pubco for a landlord need not spell disaster
  • Finally, another pubco has – at last – repaid money due to a client and avoided me issuing legal proceedings against them. Less work for me, but much better that the client has his money

Do you have any good pub news to share?

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