When lawyers and clients agree

It is particularly rewarding when a client “gets it”: when he or she so understands and appreciates my work philosophy that it almost a case of two minds with but a single view. However, it is very rare: I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of clients who are so in line with my attitudes and processes that there is never a glitch in the process of acting for them.

Of course, most (surprisingly, not all) clients appreciate the “friendly but business-like” approach we have at Nelsons, and most recognise the excellent service and value for money they receive. But relatively few have any appreciation of the sheer hard work and careful thought that we put into making the legal processes as smooth and efficient as possible, and even fewer are able to articulate it.

So it was particularly rewarding today to receive this email testimonial from a client –

I am just writing to say Thank You very much for your expeditious service in writing my will. It’s refreshing to find a friendly legal service that complements (and compliments) my approach to the law: simplicity, brevity and appropriateness. I was initially attracted to using your services by (of all things) your terms of business, offering legal advice in “plain English” and would invite any potential customers to read them and challenge them not be impressed.

My initial thoughts were translated by you and your staff into a first draft of my will that was 80% complete, requiring only one further meeting to finalise it, saving us both time and effort. Your staff were helpful in being available and approachable, unlike many of your legal counter parts and made me feel like I was a customer of theirs, which a legal firm has not done for several years. In my experience many of your legal counter parts try to complicate matters for their own ends, use various procedures to covertly create work and charge for it; At Nelsons, I detected nothing but transparency and honesty and anticipate expanding my business with you.

I think that he has identified just about all the factors that we put into making our relationships with our clients as good as possible. The only point not mentioned was the size of the bill or value for money, but as the client was a Will Aid client, presumably cost was not a factor.  Mind you, it does demonstrate that we provide a full service, even where we are not getting paid for it!

All in all, a welcome pat on the back.

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