Limited companies – what information must be given?

Certain information about every limited company must be given on the company’s paperwork (letterheads, invoices, compliments slips, order forms, emails, etc), or displayed at the company’s registered office and places of business.  Different rules apply to websites and electronic trading.

Company name

The company name must be shown clearly on –
•    the outside of the company’s registered office
•    the outside of every place of business of the company
•    all company paperwork
•    emails and websites


As well as showing the company name, all company paperwork must show –
•    the place of registration (eg: England)
•    the registered number (as shown on the certificate of incorporation)
•    the registered office address

Also, if any reference is made to share capital, it must be to paid up share capital.

Directors’ names

It is not necessary to list directors’ names on company paperwork.  However, if any directors’ names are shown, all of them must be shown, giving the forenames (or initials) and surnames.

Websites and electronic trading

If you are interested in details of the legal requirements for websites and electronic trading, let me know in the comments, and I will post some information

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