Home Information Packs (again!)

I know I keep banging on about this, but it is my view that a combination of inadequate consultation by government, vested interests in the property industry trying to stifle change and competition on price rather than value resulted in a huge missed opportunity. Home Information Packs, properly prepared, can be of great benefit in streamlining conveyancing, to the benefit of all concerned:...
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HIPs "upgraded" from 6 April

Now that HIPs must include a PIQ, there is another hurdle to leap before marketing a property, but we at Nelsons Property Lawyers think we can help There are different versions of the PIQ for existing homes and for new homes – a new home for these purposes is a home that is being designed or constructed or which has never been occupied. – and different versions for freehold and for...
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Home Information Packs – again

On Monday, the new, tighter rules for HIPs come into play -the HIP must be complete (well, nearly …) before the property is marketed, rather than being in the course of preparationthe HIP must include the Property Information Questionnaire: a very watered-down and pointless version of the full Property Information Form that buyers’ conveyancerswill expect to see; either the HIP...
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Trade guilds against HIPs?

Entrenched interests always fight change – see Seth’s Blog – which may be why so many vested interests undermine Home Information Packss (apart from the fact that their implementation was, and remains, crap, of course!)In addition, those who are merely competent will resist change, because it undermines their competenceHowever, I do find that a well-prepared HIP (with, for...
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Oven-ready chips? Exchange-ready HIPs!

In an earlier post, I commented that the latest “improvements” to HIPs would not in fact make them more useful. What is needed (IMO) is a cultural change, so that sellers, agents and solicitors accepted that, however badly-thought-out (by civil servants and poloticians) HIPs are, the property professionals can make them work and use them to benefit buyers and sellersIf, instead of...
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Home Information Packs

Setting to one side (for now) the inept way in which Home Information Packs (HIPs) have been introduced, and assuming (for the sake of this post) that they are, if properly implemented, a Good Thing, the changes that will take effect on 6 April 2009 are likely to have a significant impact for sellers, buyers, estate agents and lawyers. To take a couple of points -1: The HIP will need to include...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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