Who are our competitors – and which worry us?

As “High Street” solicitors, who tend to handle local work for local people, it might be thought that our main competitors are other, similar “High Street” solicitors – I think notAlthough there is competition between us and other local firms, we do not see them as an existential threat (oooh! Big words!) On the whole, they tend to have the same philosophy of...
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Deep and crisp and even

I cannot let the snowfall pass without at least one blogThere was plenty of snow overnight, resulting in a good 5 or 6 inches on the ground this morning. Though the side roads have been ploughed overnight, I do not expect any of my staff who drive to work to get in. That leaves Anne (my wife and office manager) and me, who both walk to work, to staff the office today.That’s not a problem:...
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Let us Tentertain you

Tentertainment is back! On Friday (evening) 2 July plus (all day) Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 July at the recreation ground in Tenterden, Kent (TN30)It’s Tenterden’s free festival weekend with (new this year) a jazz orchestra on the Friday eveningFull details at www.tentertainment.org
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Tenterden Pudding Club

Once a month (on the last Friday in each month), various Tenterden-based professionals and business people (solicitors, accountants, estate agents, IFAs, telecom consultants, bank managers, insurance brokers, etc) get together for an informal, single-course lunch and a bit of networkingThere is no need to commit to attending (nor to apologise if you cannot attend), but if you are in business in...
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Rush Witt & Wilson return to Tenterden

Rush Witt & Wilson are estate agents with offices in Battle, Rye, Hastings, Bexhill and St Leonards. They did also open an office in Tenterden, but closed it when the economy went down the tubesIn what may be a sign that the economy (or, at least, the local housing market) is improving, I hear they are re-opening their Tenterden office on Saturday 3 April – you can even enter a free...
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Small town delights (number 99 in an infinite series)

This morning, while shopping in Tenterden with my daughter, I was approached by a postman in Waitrose with a recorded delivery letter that he had tried to deliver to my home earlier.He had left the usual card, so that I could collect the item from the sorting office. However, seeing me go into Waitrose, he followed, and I was able to take and sign for the item there.That’s what I call...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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