Tenterden Pudding Club

Once a month (on the last Friday in each month), various Tenterden-based professionals and business people (solicitors, accountants, estate agents, IFAs, telecom consultants, bank managers, insurance brokers, etc) get together for an informal, single-course lunch and a bit of networkingThere is no need to commit to attending (nor to apologise if you cannot attend), but if you are in business in...
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Dumped by the Abbey – an update

Following representations made by the Law Society to the Abbey, it appears that the preremptory letter issued to 6,000+ firms last wek is part of an exercise to invite firms to apply to joing a combined panel for the Abbey and Alliance + Leicester. If this is true, the original letter was extraordinarily cack-handed, as it gave no hint of this. It may be that the Abbey is finding a way to climb...
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Dumped by the Abbey – yet more

The Abbey’s draconian step of removing some 6,000 solicitors from its conveyancing panel for mortgage work – without warning or any specified reason except low volume of transactions – is getting some media publicity
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On Friday (in common, apparently, with a lot of other sole practitioner lawyers and low-volume conveyancers) I received a “Dear John” letter from Abbey National (or “the Abbey”, as they like to be called but have not bothered to change their name to).They have unceremoniously and without warning “dumped” me – I am, with immediate effect, no longer on...
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Blooming banks!

See BBC news item (thanks, Laurence for your Tweet) – I’m glad I’m with HSBC; so far, at least, they seem to be behaving as normally and as helpfully as banks ever do!
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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