Commoditisation -v- the old-fashioned “family solicitor”

In The Private Patient, the author – P D James – several times includes an assumption that “people of means” will have a permanent solicitor – a family solicitor – who knows their background and previous dealings, and can give a broad range of advice and information. While this used to be the case – and is a useful means for fictional detectives to find...
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Adding value

I am told by those who know more about this sort of thing than I do – marketing people, mainly – that the “value dimensions” of a business depend on it displaying one or more of the following – product leadership operational excellence customer intimacy True or not, it provides food for thought Product leadership Hmm … that’s a difficult one for lawyers,...
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9 ways to choose a lawyer

Some thoughts on how to choose who should handle your legal work for you – mainly focused on residential conveyancing, but of  relevance to other fields as well:1. Listen to personal recommendations: If you are moving home, speak to friends and family who have moved home recently. If you have a commercial transaction or need other business-related legal help, speak to your accountant....
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Quality standards?

Research by the Consumer Panel – which advises the Legal Services Board, the regulator of lawyers – finds that “consumers assume all lawyers are technically competent and are subject to more regulatory controls than is the case. This means that quality considerations do not strongly influence consumers’ choice of lawyers and people erroneously consider that all legal...
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We was wrong!

Despite earlier confident predictions, Home Information Packs have been suspended with immediate effect – see here
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Home Information Packs – the latest

Thanks to Rob Hailstone of the Bold Group for this:What is the Current Position?HIPs have not been scrapped by the Election result. The law still requires a HIP to be in place to market a property. The penalties for non-compliance still apply.Grant Shapps (the new Housing Minister), has said he will not condone non-compliance by Estate Agents who fail to order HIPsGrant Shapps has committed to a...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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