NEIN! (No Excellence In aNything)

There are, it seems, a large number of (usually large) organisations that simply cannot be bothered – they have, and aspire to, no excellence in anything A prime candidate seems to be BT – reliable, trustworthy, customer-friendly, value for money? Not in my experience! Can you suggest other candidates for the NEIN list?
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What is client care all about?

A convenient – if probably incomplete – way to assess the quality of client/customer care being provided by a business, including a legal services business, is to consider four elements – – Competence – Confidentiality – Commitment – Courtesy Competence almost speaks for itself, but includes not taking on work outside one’s area of competence....
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Adding value

I am told by those who know more about this sort of thing than I do – marketing people, mainly – that the “value dimensions” of a business depend on it displaying one or more of the following – product leadership operational excellence customer intimacy True or not, it provides food for thought Product leadership Hmm … that’s a difficult one for lawyers,...
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9 ways to choose a lawyer

Some thoughts on how to choose who should handle your legal work for you – mainly focused on residential conveyancing, but of  relevance to other fields as well:1. Listen to personal recommendations: If you are moving home, speak to friends and family who have moved home recently. If you have a commercial transaction or need other business-related legal help, speak to your accountant....
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Never sign without reading

Everyone knows, I hope, how important it is to read – and understand – documents before signing them: once signed, they are legally binding on you, and consumer protection legislation will only come to the rescue of the foolhardy in very limited situations.This applies to all sorts of documents: contracts, terms of business, even letters and, of course, WillsIt therefore surprises me...
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Another client testimonial

From a genuine (and genuinely happy) client:”Many thanks for all your excellent work and professionalism, we both are grateful, having the confidence in you at all times, knowing that we would always receive accurate,honest and thoughtful advice. I’m certain we will be using your services in the future in whatever circumstances may occur. I just wish that banks worked to your...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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