Even disappointed clients are happy!

Even though their house sale fell through because their buyer’s conveyancer insisted, wrongly, that the legal title was defective, our clients have been very complimentary about our service, saying -“I just wanted to say a very special thank you to both you and Justin for the professional service and genuine support and understanding you have given us over the past months. Having not...
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Referral fees – are they actively destructive?

We are currently finding the firms that rely heavily on estate agent referrals are incredibly slow – it can take literally weeks to get a draft contract out of them, and on more than one occasion we have offered to draft the contract for them, based on the information in the Home Information PacksAssuming they are not being lazy or incredibly incompentent (though … – no,...
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Speedy service

Even for ex-clients, we offer a speedy serviceWe acted when husband and wife bought a house together in 2006. They are splitting up, and he does not want to use us as we have acted for her on various transactions over the past few years. They have therefore gone to a “neutral” firm to handle the sale of the house.This morning, we received an email from the wife, asking for a...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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