A word of warning

Negotiating on legal fees – a word of warning. For the lawyer, the actual fees are only a small part of the relationship. More important, usually, is the lawyer’s perception of the value the client places on his or her services. If the lawyer feels undervalued, they will be demotivated and therefore less efficient. Don’t negotiate resentment into the relationship!
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Terms and conditions appy

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to get clients to cooperate in their own interests. This dialogue from 'The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest' by Stieg Larsson sets out the very basics:Lawyer: "Here are my conditions. I agree to represent you. When I need to get hold of you I want you to answer. When I need to know what you want me to do, I want clear answers. If I call you...
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Test via Facebook

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"Tragedy at Law" by Cyril Hare

Just finished reading this – on the advice of P D James, no less – “Written with elegance and wit” – and thoroughly enjoyed itNot a thriller, but a “whodunnit – and why?” it is truly elegant and quite captivating. A detailed account of a near closed room mystery with a legal background and well-described characters, the outcome is both surprising...
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Computer screens should be at eye level? – not necessarily

One of the good results of my routine eye test today is a return to a comfortable working environmentAbout a year ago, a health and safety expert berated me for having my computer screen below eye level – bad for my posture, apparentlyTrustingly, I put the screen on a stand and suffered the up-and-down head motion of non-touch typing and screen checking.On the basis of advice today,...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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