Three strikes and you’re out – daft!

How can the government think it is fair, proportionate, feasible or right to terminate a household's Internet connection because someone using it is accused of breach of copyright?Quite apart from the weakness of the evidence and the risk that the transgressor is piggy-backing on someone else's insecure wireless network, terminating an entire household's connection is unfair on any...
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Will the Tories scrap HIPs?

Comment from Rob Hailstone of HIPAG -“Grant Shapps has recently reiterated his intention to “scrap” Hips. What he hasn’t said publicly, is whether he will amend or replace them. However, the Conservatives have made it clear that they want to improve the home buying and selling process. It is therefore, highly unlikely that Mr Shapps will allow us to go back to the home...
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Do banks seek revenge?

last year, Barclays would not increase my overdraft racility to £60,000 – to get me through the credit crunch – pending the maturing of a life policy for that amount. HSBC were happy to offer that arrangemejt, so I switched. It was a matter of commercial life or death, as Barclays well knew.Anyway, nine months after the switch and I am ready finally to close the Barclays...
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Tenterden ‘Pudding Club’

Just finished catching up on calls etc after an enjoyable meeting of the Tenterden Pudding ClubThis is an informal monthly lunchtime networking meeting for Tenterden business peopleIf you are in business in the Tenterden area and would like to join us, send me an email at
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Mea culpa

Over a month since my last blog post – I’ve been too busy Tweeting instead. Must exercise more discipline and start thinking of things to say in more than 140 characters!
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Absence makes the heart …

Long time, no blog! Sorry and all that, but I’ve been Tweeting I must try and blog more though – but it seems this blog is tooooo boring, so I will switch tack Comments
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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