Do banks seek revenge?

last year, Barclays would not increase my overdraft racility to £60,000 – to get me through the credit crunch – pending the maturing of a life policy for that amount. HSBC were happy to offer that arrangemejt, so I switched. It was a matter of commercial life or death, as Barclays well knew.

Anyway, nine months after the switch and I am ready finally to close the Barclays accounts – any unpresented cheques have been replaced with cheques drawn on the new accounts.

Because it is forbidden to mix clients' money with my own, I asked Barclays to send me two cheques: one for the balance on my clients account with them to pay into my new clients account, and one for the balance on my office account …

Instead, Barclays transferred the clients' money into my office account and sent me a single cheque. It ia as though they are trying to get me struct off!

Anyway: my annual audit starts tomorrow, so I will make a clean breast of it to the auditor and take what comes. Wish me luck!

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