Yesterday’s Tweets

For those confused by yesterday’s Tweets, this is what happened:

1. Originally, Anne and I were to sail from Rye to Eastbourne with another couple to attend the Round Table and Ladies Circle National Conferences there – Jane being a former National Chairman of Ladies Circle

2. The plan was that we would sail to Eastbourne on Friday, have a meal and sleep on the boat, then go to the conferences (and the pubs!). We would have an evening meal and sleep on the boat on Saturday, then sail back on Sunday

3. The worsening weather destroyed that plan – sailing a 30-foot boat along the Channel in force 7 or 8 winds was not going to be joyful, so we cancelled the sailing trip.

4. Having made arrangements at work (and cancelled a game of golf), Anne and I were at a loose end. Rather than waste the day, we decided to go for lunch at the Coastguard at St Margaret’s Bay

5. This is where the Tweets went wrong, as the venue was out of my mobile phone coverage, so Tweets by SMS were not going in the order I sent them. As a result, a series of Tweets got out of series, and became garbled. But the beer was good, especially the Gadds’ No 5 šŸ˜‰

Anyway, it’s a lovely day today, so Anne and I are off in search of another pub lunch!

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