The power of a brand … it’s yours already

The British pub already has the power of a brand – a brand built up over centuries

It is a versatile, strong brand, and one that should be built on – not wasted

It is wasted by every surly publican who cannot be bothered to provide good service to his or her customers: who almost objects to their presence, even though they are the source of income

It is built on by every publican who welcomes his or her customers (guests?) and strives to give them what they want, whether it is food (yes – even on Sunday evenings!), real ale (definitely!), a bowl of water for the dog, tolerance of children (if well-behaved), live music, quizzes, whatever

Every pub has its unique identity – thank goodness – but it can also benefit from the general brand image of “the British pub”. However, the other side of the coin is that every pub owes an obligation to that brand – not to let it down

(Here endeth the lesson)

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