Jack Smithies

Just finished reading 'Mustn't grumble' by Joe Bennett. Towards the end (page 251 to be exact), a name from my past jumps out at me when the author refers to "Jack Smithies, the best English teacher of all time".

"Mad" Jack Smithies taught at Brighton Hove and Sussex Grammer School, where I spent my Sixth Form years. He was, indeed, a brilliant and inspiring English teacher – he could bring Shakespeare to life in a quite wonderful way

Joe Bennett, a few pages later in the book, also refers to the characteristic clock at the school: there was a sort of 'master clock' in the main hall, and each classroom had a 'subsidiary clock', connected to the master one by a series of rods and links. All the clocks were therefore in sync, and their minute hands clicked round, minute-by-minute, in unison; really quite spooky, when you think about it!

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