A smooth handover

For once, a nice, efficient, pub completion today: the Ewe & Lamb at Rolvenden Lane has changed hands; I acted for the sellers and Janet Cousins at Mowll & Mowll in Dover acted for the buyers. She is always efficient and, while still protecting her clients’ interests, co-operative – unlike many solicitors, who seem to think it is part of their job description to be...
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Being held over a barrel

It is fairly common, when buying or selling a pub, to have a simultaneous exchange (of contracts) and completion. Partly this is because the parties’ preferred completion date is too soon to allow for all the pre-contract work to be finished a couple of weeks before the completion date – as a result, the parties often book removal arrangements, etc, on trust. This trust can be...
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An improving market?

It may be too early to tell for sure, but there are indications that there is more movement in the pub market than over the past few months: I am currently handling 4 leasehold pub sales and one freehold pub purchase, all of which were “stalled” before Christmas, but which are now leaping forward I hope this is a sign of better times to come – though the leasehold sale prices...
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A follow-up for the Hoodeners Horse

A follow-up post for the Hoodeners Horse is here Comments
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The Hoodeners Horse, Great Chart, Ashford

I have reporeted on this excellent pub in my other blog, Abaddons Musings, but really it should receive a mention here, in my blog devoted to pubs, too – see the Abaddons Musings blogpost here Comments
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Not a clean getaway

If you have a leasehold pub (or any leasehold commercial premises), selling the lease on to a new tenant does not end your potential liability. Even though the landlord will insist on approving the new tenant before consenting to the transfer of the lease, he or she will also expect you, as the outgoing tenant, to stand as personal guarantor for the new tenant: either explicity under an...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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