Pubs closing, left, right and centre

The early months of a new year are a particularly difficult time for pubs, especially leasehold pubs with brewery and pubco landlords, and is a prime time for pub closures. It’s the season for it After the Christmas holiday boom in business, the slack period of January and February must be endured. This applies to all pubs (and restaurants), unless they have a particularly loyal customer...
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English Pub blog – what’s it about?

This is our blog that focuses on the English pub – mainly addressing legal issues, especially in connection with buying, selling and leasing pubs. To some extent, it will also deal with non-legal news, and carry my comments about pubs I visit and the quality of service they provide
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The power of a brand … it’s yours already

The British pub already has the power of a brand – a brand built up over centuries It is a versatile, strong brand, and one that should be built on – not wasted It is wasted by every surly publican who cannot be bothered to provide good service to his or her customers: who almost objects to their presence, even though they are the source of income It is built on by every publican who...
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A beer haiku

Harveys Best bitter Springtime’s greatest refreshment – Gone all too quickly Comments
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April Fool giveaway

It’s my birthday in April, so I’m giving a 10% discount on all new legal work where I receive (and accept)instructions in April 2010 – you need to quote “promo code April Fool” when giving the instructions (on the authority form, in the case of new clients) in order to qualify, so don’t forget Comments
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Client feedback

It’s always nice to have good client feedback. One completed questionnaire arrived this weekend from a pub-buying client: Communication: “Excellent” Legal work: “Excellent” Fees paid: “Good value for money” Possible improvements: “Is there an improvement on ‘excellence’?!” Would you recommend me? “Yes” Comment:...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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