Who are our competitors – and which worry us?

As “High Street” solicitors, who tend to handle local work for local people, it might be thought that our main competitors are other, similar “High Street” solicitors – I think notAlthough there is competition between us and other local firms, we do not see them as an existential threat (oooh! Big words!) On the whole, they tend to have the same philosophy of...
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Turmoil for the legal profession

The legal profession is undergoing a period of change and review more far-reaching than anything it has experienced before. The following consultations (which will lead to change) and already decided changes are under way (thanks to Rob Hailstone of the Bold Group for drawing all this together) -SRA Consultations: The new SRA Handbook: This consultation is the last opportunity for comments on...
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Quality standards?

Research by the Consumer Panel – which advises the Legal Services Board, the regulator of lawyers – finds that “consumers assume all lawyers are technically competent and are subject to more regulatory controls than is the case. This means that quality considerations do not strongly influence consumers’ choice of lawyers and people erroneously consider that all legal...
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Home Information Packs – again

With the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats “promising” to abolish HIPs, it may instead be worth considering whether they can be improved to make them good value for money.The recurrent problem we are experiencing at present is the delay in getting searches. We get sent a lot of incomplete HIPs, then have to keep checking to see whether searches are added. This seems to be because...
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Another client testimonial

From a genuine (and genuinely happy) client:”Many thanks for all your excellent work and professionalism, we both are grateful, having the confidence in you at all times, knowing that we would always receive accurate,honest and thoughtful advice. I’m certain we will be using your services in the future in whatever circumstances may occur. I just wish that banks worked to your...
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Even disappointed clients are happy!

Even though their house sale fell through because their buyer’s conveyancer insisted, wrongly, that the legal title was defective, our clients have been very complimentary about our service, saying -“I just wanted to say a very special thank you to both you and Justin for the professional service and genuine support and understanding you have given us over the past months. Having not...
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Latest company update from Nelsons

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